Energy Efficient Homes: Engineered for Maximum Savings, Designed for Lifestyle

Marvel energy efficient homes are specially engineered to provide maximum comfort all year round, maximum savings on your power bills, and minimum impact on our planet. Marvel Homes is a Sydney sustainable home design specialists lead by qualified engineers so we can deliver your dream home, without costing the Earth.

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Our Approach to Energy Efficiency

We deliver the smartest energy saving features, you’ll never see. The mark of excellence in eco-friendly home design is implementing seamless work that never detracts from the beauty of your new home. That’s why we guarantee 100% transparency throughout the build process. We’ll help you create the perfect home, not just for your lifestyle, but for your land.

Engineered for Maximum Efficiency, Designed for Lifestyle. Speak with our team now.

Why Choose Marvel Energy Efficient Homes?

Designed for Comfort and Lifestyle

Marvel Energy Efficient Homes stay cooler in summer, warmer in winter and capture natural light and breezes all year round. Our team will work with you to understand your family’s needs and create the perfect design. Wherever you build in Sydney, we’ll help you make your new house a dream home.

Healthy Homes, Healthier Environment

As the climate changes, your home stays mild and comfortable. Our homes are specially engineered to minimise your risk of heat, chill and atmospheric illnesses. We build with safe, sustainable materials, carefully selected for maximum protection for your family, and the environment.

Sustainable Design that Doesn’t Cost the Earth

Marvel Homes offers excellent value in sustainable house design across Sydney. When you build with Marvel, you’ll receive superior craftsmanship and materials – to prevent energy waste and enhance your resale value. As engineers, we’re always researching better ways to build a sustainable future for Australia – so you know that your new home is at the cutting edge of energy efficiency.

FeaturesMarvel Thermally Insulated HomesTraditional Brick Veneer Homes
Air leaks sealed from doors & windows
Air leaks sealed between floors, walls and ceiling junctions
Air leaks sealed from floorboards
Lower heating costs
Lower cooling costs
Reduced energy bills
High-quality aesthetics
High quality inclusions
Strong structural build

Learn how we design an energy efficient home perfectly suited to your new block

World leading eco-technology

Inspired by German technology and design practices, your new home is guaranteed to meet strict new home building requirements. Our engineering team is constantly evolving our approach to energy efficient home design, so you can feel confident that you home meets and exceeds Nation Wide House Energy Rating Requirements

Passive Orientation

Minimise heating and cooling costs with the right design, the right position and the right use of your land. Capture breezes, not chilled winds. Capture sunlight. Not heat.

Floor Plan Design

Don’t sacrifice energy efficiency for the sake of poor design. We’ll help create the right floor plan for your family, with maximum energy efficiency.

Air Leak Prevention

Escaping warmth and cool air will cost you dearly. Doors, roofs, windows, walls – we use world leading German technology to minimise air leakage.

Safe Insulation

Our commitment to healthy homes means we offer safe, carefully installed insulation across our whole build. From the foundation to the roof crawl space, our goal is a healthier home.

Window Selection

The right windows for your location, well fitted and protected from air leaks – it seems simple, but we will help you make the smartest choice.

Eco-Friendly Inclusions

True energy efficiency starts with the foundations and frameworks. Most of our work happens behind the scenes but we also provide all those eco-friendly inclusions that complete your sustainable home.

Sustainable Home Design and Build Services Sydney

Custom Design

Engineer designed, custom floor plans to make the most of your block and your lifestyle needs.

DA and CDC Approval

Get the support you need with your Development Approval or Construction Design Certificate.

Heritage Impacted

We build to the block… even if there’s heritage listed trees or structures to consider. Got a tricky block? Talk to us first.

Sloped Sites

As engineers, we can develop eco builds even on sloped sites over 2 meters. If you’ve been turned away by other Sydney energy efficient home builders, talk to us now.

Duplex Design

Plan for the future. Marvel Energy Efficient Home designs include duplex design so you can live today, sell for more in the future.

Australian Families

Everything we do is for Australian families. Big families. New families. Families in need of an energy efficient granny flat or teen retreat. We’re proud to build superior family homes for all Sydney families.

Marvel Homes is staffed by qualified engineers to provide superior energy efficient home design and builds to savvy, eco-conscious buyers in the greater Sydney area. When you’re ready to take the next step, take it with Marvel Homes.

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